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Hanoi - The City For Peace | Beautiful Vietnam | Flycam 4K

Hanoi - The City For Peace | Beautiful Vietnam | Flycam 4K
➥ Description:
2019 marks the 20th anniversary of Hanoi being recognized as a ‘City for Peace’ by UNESCO. In 1999 Hanoi was the only Asia Pacific country granted this title by UNESCO.
Since early this year, the city authorities have carried out numerous activities to mark the occasion, including major cultural events involving many countries worldwide. A highlight of these was the Open Hanoi Dragon Boat Racing Festival 2019 earlier this month, attracting many foreign athletes.

"We’ve taken a series of solutions to make Hanoi cleaner and greener. The city has also issued two codes of conduct for Hanoi city dwellers to preserve and promote their beautiful manners," said Hanoi Mayor Nguyen Duc Chung.

Hanoi currently maintains friendly cooperation with more than 100 capitals and cities worldwide. The city has proved to be a global responsible member with its rising prestige at many important international forums.

Hanoi’s celebrations of its 20th anniversary of receiving the title “City for Peace” coincides with the 2nd DPRK-US summit, scheduled for this Wednesday and Thursday. The summit is considered a great opportunity for Hanoi to promote its image to the world as an active city rich in history that favors peace. Preparations for the upcoming summit are almost completed, according to Mayor Nguyen Duc Chung.

"A huge workload in preparations for the summit has almost been completed. Decorations for all routes connecting Noi Bai airport with the city center, major roads, and hotels in downtown Hanoi have been finished. This includes 4,000 welcoming gates, 500,000 vases of flowers and 4,000 poles displaying flags of Vietnam, the US, and the DPRK," said Chung.

The historic Trump-Kim summit in Hanoi is expected to create a remarkable breakthrough for peace negotiations on the Korean peninsula.
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이도균 : 2018년연말에 갔다왔다
indian subscriber : Super Vietnam from india
thomas Ho : Love Vietnam from indonesia
Little Walks in Spain : Beautiful overview of the city!
Công Anh : ❤️I love VietNam
Phong Nguyen : ok, one thing obvious is Smog, Pollution is Top notch all the time. In the past... Hanoi is truely beauty, not now
Manuel Alejandro : Que bello Vietnam....desde Guayaquil Ecuador en Sudamérica
JOHN D BASCO : Beautiful and unique country ! ❤️
Aubrey Delphine : Đây là bài gì ạ?

Hanoi City, Old Quarter - Vietnam - 4K Virtual Tour

Riding through the old quarter of Hanoi City, Vietnam on a tricycle. Click here ▶ to see highlights and guide.

(From wiki):
The residential and commercial area that is now the Old Quarter came to be during the Lý and Trần dynasties and was then located east of the Imperial Citadel of Thăng Long and along the Red River. During the Lê dynasty, scholar Nguyễn Trãi already mentioned some of the areas each specialized in one particular trade. It was then surrounded by a defensive wall with several gates.\r
During the Lý and Trần dynasties, many people from the surrounding plains migrated to the city and settled in what is now the Old Quarter, creating the densest urban area of the city. The Lê dynasty period saw an additional influx of Chinese immigrants who arrived to trade, creating several Chinese neighbourhoods..\r
When the French ruled over Vietnam, they partially rebuilt the area. This period saw many French and Indians settling there to conduct business. Two small markets were demolished to make place for Đồng Xuân Market. Furthermore a tramway was constructed through the quarter.\r
The area is still the commercial heart of Hanoi.\r

Date recorded: November, 2019
Weather: ☀️ 30C | 86F
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Highlights timestamps (☉ Street/Road | ★ Highlight):

▶(0:30) Đinh Tiên Hoàng ☉
▶(0:55) Cầu Gỗ ☉
▶(2:25) Ngõ Cầu Gỗ ☉
▶(4:18) Hàng Bè ☉
▶(5:20) Hàng Bạc ☉
▶(5:59) Phố Mã Mây ☉
▶(11:46) Hàng Buồm ☉
▶(12:55) Hàng Đường ☉
▶(13:40) Chùa Cầu Đông ★
▶(14:40) Hàng Khoai ☉
▶(17:18) Hàng Gà ☉
▶(24:45) Đường Thành ☉
▶(29:12) Ấu Triệu ☉
▶(31:11) Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Hanoi ★
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▶(0:30) Đinh Tiên Hoàng ☉
▶(0:55) Cầu Gỗ ☉
▶(2:25) Ngõ Cầu Gỗ ☉
▶(4:18) Hàng Bè ☉
▶(5:20) Hàng Bạc ☉
▶(5:59) Phố Mã Mây ☉
▶(11:46) Hàng Buồm ☉
▶(12:55) Hàng Đường ☉
▶(13:40) Chùa Cầu Đông ★
▶(14:40) Hàng Khoai ☉
▶(17:18) Hàng Gà ☉
▶(24:45) Đường Thành ☉
▶(29:12) Ấu Triệu ☉
▶(31:11) Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Hanoi ★
Kevin Duong : Nice view bro ✌️☀️
Tomas Madej : I saw some many videos about Vietnam and find just few breath taking: yours and some Poles ( niesezonowi ), which make me feel jelaous keep working and greetings from Sweden
tien ly : vì thằng chó hồ làm tay sai cho mao nên phải bành trướng cs gian ác tàu lên đày đọa dân vn cho đến ngày nay
Travel Minds : Great video!! Thanks for sharing!! I love Hanoi!! I was there in November '19.
Chen Andy : It looks so much like Taipei
Sarah F : Very smooth video! I enjoyed this a lot, I was here in November last year the same as you and it's bringing back happy memories during this pandemic while I'm stuck at home unable to travel. Awesome!
greg warren : great video...what is amazing to me is that ALL that traffic and they ever seem to run into each other......crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fct 8306 On Two Wheels : 0:39 the biker in the yellow hat though just blasted through the traffic circle, wow.
raymon brosnan : Hello kind wanderlust,i want ask you.on this video you use hero8 and you setting to high grading color in protune menu??.

I ask you that because i want got reference,hero7b or hero8, but i see this video the color so sharp that very good.can hero7b do like this video??. If compore about hypersmooth clearly hero7b lose with hero8.but i want hero7b be like your video so sharp or maybe close with hero8.

My hero7b not yet use it so i dont know and i think i must change my micro sd to sandisk extreme pro 128gb maybe this micro sd card can make hero7b like your video??.

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tb heo : 가시기전에 저희샵에서 맛사지 받고가세요 근처입니다
WITH HOYASA : 수변국밥 하노이 맛집입니다. ㅎㅎ
며칠전에 먹었는데 또 먹고싶네요~ ㅎㅎ
suuann Kim : 힉... 저도 배고파지네요..
박물관고양이 : 그리운 한국의 맛 순대국밥♡
진짜 맛있게 드시네요 ㅎㅎ
Eagles Kim : 에메랄드 가게에 지인들이랑 조용히 다녀왔습니다. 뚱보네 가자는걸 내가 쭈꾸미 먹자고 우겨서 ㅋㅋ 불타는쭈꾸미 맞죠? 사거리쪽 불향쭈꾸미보다 낫던데요? 대박 나세요
Eagles Kim : 수변돼지국밥이네요. 여기 맛집이죠. 들어가신 2층왼쪽은 흡연, 반대편은 금연입니다
김효원 : 직원 입맛엔 안 맞을듯 ㅋ
처음 먹는 음식은 다 낯설기에^^
직원 2명 솔직한 평가

쌀국수는 보통 입맛에 맞으니 ㅋ 족발 들어간 쌀국수는 이상했지만.... 주문 실패^^

벳남서 먹은 음식 제 입맛엔 다 맞던데요 한국인이 자주가는집만 가니 당연히 입맛에 맞은듯^^
미즈인하노이Ms In Hanoi : 에메랄드 쭈꾸뽕 안대표님 덕분에 자주 갔었는데 한번 뵈려고 갈려했는데 못갔네요;;;
봉형선 : 워메,,,군침돌아유
JS : 아까 비디오 올라왔을때 보고는 계속 머리 속에 국밥 생각만하고 있네요 ㅋ




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